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The Company

The Mission

The GGrant94ft, Inc Academic Basketball Academy is designed to foster learning through rigorous academic tutoring as well as through basketball training that stresses high expectations for students. Our program includes parent/family involvement and school/community volunteers so that students will acquire a base of real-world experiences. Through these experiences, our student-athletes will become life long learners and positive community participants.

Our Core Values….

Our student athlete’s will become well rounded young men and young women. They will understand and embrace the belief that they possess immeasurable value, incalculable worth and are the masters of their own destiny.

Discipline in Private, Reward in Public….

Rules Without Relationships Breed Rebellion….

Behavior is Based on Need….

Greg Grant

CEO & Founder

Trenton, NJ native Greg Grant established GGrant 94FT Inc in 2004. Greg was very fortunate to take his vision and goal in life and make it all the way to the National Basketball Association (NBA) where he carved out a seven-year successful career. Greg had a desire to help youth from his hometown overcome adversity and the challenges that plague inner city youth. He initially started his company with the vision of focusing mainly on recreational and sports programs by running basketball leagues and individual training sessions, but he quickly understood that the youth in his hometown needed so much more than a bouncing ball.  The youth in Trenton needed leadership, guidance, academic support, social and emotional skills and strong adult figures in their lives.

With this new vision and dream, in 2004 Greg Grant established the GGrant94ft Academic Sports Academy, Inc.  GGrant 94ft Academic Sports Academy, Inc. is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization that provides after-school programming for elementary and middle school students, a sports and academic enrichment summer camp program for Trenton residents, provides training and conditioning for individual athletes as well as basketball teams, a mentoring program for middle and high school students, in addition to organizing and coordinating sports and recreational programs for the City of Trenton’s Recreation Department. Additionally, GGrant 94ft Academic Sports Academy Inc. has provided yearly scholarships for graduating Trenton Public School students.  GGrant 94ft Academic Sports Academy employs a full-time director, a part-time coordinator and depending on the program can employ up to 10 hourly staff members.  The GGrant 94ft Academic Sports Academy, Inc also enlists the assistance of numerous college volunteers who provide daily assistance and support.  There are approximately 500 students and their families who are touched yearly by the programs and services of GGrant 94ft Academic Sports Academy, Inc.

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